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Energy affects everyone. The costs associated with energy can be a significant part of your operating expenses. Even for those looking to invest in the energy sector who are in need of an assessment in terms of the direction of the energy markets for the foreseeable, it is important to closely monitor opportunities and risks in the energy sector or energy-intensive sectors. To make the best estimate regarding your energy costs, risk management or investment in the industry, sound knowledge of the market is crucial.

Energy markets are continuously influenced by various factors. For instance, growth in energy demand due to economic developments. But fiscal and monetary policies and exchange rates can also have an impact. The supply of energy resources can change suddenly and unexpectedly. Maintenance, weather conditions, import and export capacity, (un)planned changes in production capacity and other factors can cause major price fluctuations. (Geo)political aspects also affect energy prices periodically. Finally, trading strategies, including arbitrage in time and place and market speculation, also play a determining role in the pricing of various energy sources. These market drivers are different every day and vary continuously from one energy source to another.

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Keeping track of these market developments on a daily basis demands significant time and experience. Publieke Zaken Energy Research & Strategy offers you various options to keep abreast of the latest developments in the energy markets relevant to you.

In the various Market Updates, we describe and interpret relevant developments in the natural resource markets such as oil, gas and coal.

During a webinar, Hans van Cleef will take you through recent developments in the energy markets on a quarterly basis.

Six-monthly meetings over lunch or dinner to discuss energy and climate developments.

We are happy to translate our knowledge of economic and market analyses to the particulars of your company or sector.

Courses several times a year that enable you to increase your knowledge and insight into the energy market.

Hans van Cleef will take you through recent developments in the energy markets during an interactive lecture.

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