Retrospective: Jan Anthonie Bruijn a guest at Publieke Zaken

On December 12, Publieke Zaken hosted its year-end meeting, which opened with a sharp column by Remco de Boer. As a speaker we welcomed Jan Anthonie Bruijn, the current president of the Senate and professor of immunopathology. Less well known, however, is that he has co-written several election programs of the VVD. That made for a fascinating lecture [...]

Turning the budget inside out - Report from the Oct. 3 budget workshop

On Tuesday afternoon, October 3, a group of energy experts will gather in the atmospheric garden house of the Haagsche Kluis for a workshop on the budget. Aukje de Vries, spokesperson for Finance for the VVD in the Lower House, takes the audience through the budget cycle. Budgeting, why do we do it? 'Politicians are just like people,' says De Vries [...].

Masterclass Publieke Zaken

On June 1, the Publieke Zaken Masterclass took place again. This time we were hosted at the Garden House of the Haagsche Kluis. We look back on an informative and constructive masterclass. René Leegte shared his experiences as a PA advisor and as a member of the Lower House on the basis of several cases. Julie de 'Hondt (clerk of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on European [...]

Masterclass in Public Affairs at Nieuwspoort

The master class was given by René Leegte. From his long experience as a Public Affairs advisor and as a member of the Lower House, he shared his insights. Participants gained sharper insight into the procedures, the relationship between and with Ministries, the Government, Lower House, Upper House, European Parliament. But, just as important are the right skills of [...]