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The essence of our vision and approach is 'informing' and 'connecting.' Publieke Zaken ensures that you can consult with government, political stakeholders or other civil society organizations when laws and regulations have a crucial impact on the continuity of your business. To do so, we translate your business interests into an interest that is relevant to politicians to ensure you find a receptive audience.

Content focus

Our focus is on companies and organizations in the world of energy, environment, sustainability, agriculture and transportation. Publieke Zaken staff have extensive knowledge of political procedures, including through their work in parliament.

Because of our substantive focus, our team has a thorough knowledge of the technical and political ins and outs of your industry. Equally important, we also know the business world from the inside and know what it is like to feel the pressure of impending legislation within a company.

In this way, Publieke Zaken 'unburdens'. Clients' problems are ours. And we are convinced of the value of long-term relationships and strategic thinking. We also work to ensure that you can eventually run a Public Affairs policy independently. Until then, we are your sparring partner.

Publieke Zaken is proactive. We do not wait until one of our relations comes to us with his problems. We prevent them, because our experience and political contacts allow us to see parliamentary developments and their possible consequences for your business operations in a timely manner. We know the ins and outs of the political game.

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